CLASS PARTNER PROGRAMJoin our collective effort to change the way the world learns

Classmates is our partner program where we collaborate with brands that are also revolutionizing what is possible with virtual learning. Unlock endless possibilities for growth with Classmates—together, we can create real impact.

Strategic platform partners

Strategic partnerships with Zoom and Microsoft allow Class to leverage the two most reliable and scalable video conferencing platforms as our virtual classroom foundation. 

Strategic LMS partners

Partnerships with the largest LMS providers have led to the development of tightly integrated joint solutions with each strategic partner’s core LMS–working together to combine the best of synchronous and asynchronous learning methods. 

Types of partnerships

Reseller Partners

Join forces with Class through collaborative go-to-market programs

Referral Partners

Leverage the power of your network while earning commissions for referring clients and prospects

Technology Partners

Integrate your technology and tools with a groundbreaking solution

Why join the Class partner program?

Expand your market

Attract new audiences and delight existing customers by offering a more engaging online learning experience

Innovate your solution

Grow your portfolio with groundbreaking synchronous online teaching and learning technology

Grow your sales

Add new revenue streams by offering software licenses and value-added services

Featured Classmates

Built to charter in the future of learning

Class brings a complete virtual classroom solution that’s truly built for better learning. Consolidate your app windows, unburden your instructors, and bring the best online education possible through one intuitive space.

Company news & updates

Company News
K-12 Higher Ed Business Government
Class Collaborates With Microsoft to Deliver the Next Generation Virtual Classroom With Class for Microsoft Teams
Company News
We’re Joining Forces With CoSo Cloud to Deliver FedRAMP Security
Company News
K-12 Higher Ed Business Government
Class is Partnering With Intel to Improve Virtual Learning

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